Wack BMX Shit

Glenn Milligan talks about why BMX videos are bad. I didn't even watch it. I could care less about what makes a BMX video good or bad, that shit is overrated. Instead I figured I'd put a couple of things that are wack in BMX. Feel free to post what you think in the comments.

"Web Edits"- The hip-hop mixtape of BMX. There might be one good jam on it. The rest is just filler.

"Designers"- Go back to art school where someone cares. BMX is really not about looking good and presentable. The shit that I care about isn't anyway.

Indoor Skateparks- Gross. With that said, see you at the Taunton Park this week.


jerome said...

i agree with you man. that glenn milligan video is so bad, a grown man who sounds like a moron talking about a subject that is completely useless outside the little bmx world. why does that shit matter, glenn you are a fucking moron. web edits, overly indulged designers, and indoor parks are all bad too. web edits especially, ruining bmx videos. buy a surf or snowboard video and its almost an hour long and you can tell how much time and money went into it. there are almost movies. where as bmx web videos are seemingly made overnight, and taking away from companies actually putting in some time and real effort into making a full production. so many timmy's just starving for information.

nick said...

For real I think the only video anyone needs to own is The Endless Summer.