BMX Weekend

The Autumn brand jam at Hyde Park ruled. Have to say the highlight was putting cheezewhiz in Burns' peg and Tim Ashburn yelling at some 16 year old that was smashed and had peace sign earrings and necklace. Psyched on seeing Snotty and his Coors light slippers not psyched on people just taking zines. At least they are reading it.
After the jam I stopped at Andy Burton's house where Kyle Puerto Rico took 40+ pictures of Andy's daughter Lily. Then we headed towards Cambridge and Mike Michaud and I listened to Kyle Puerto Rico talk for 45 minutes straight about the most random stuff. Later I watched Mike get kicked out of Charlie's Kitchen while wearing an embroidered fishing hat for sneaking in beers. Apparently the waitress who kicked him out was Jeff Allen's ex-girlfriend. Kyle then got called a dickwad. Kyle rules.
Sunday I hit some trails but not before breaking down in front of Jorge's Auto Service. Incase anyone was wondering, it was the fuel pump, except Jorge didn't fix it. He charged me 25 bucks to tell me he didn't know what was wrong with it and it ran fine for him. I almost made it home to Taunton before it did the exact same thing 1 mile from my house.
I had a good time this weekend. Thanks to friends. If you ain't got friends you ain't got shit.

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