I read the new issue of Ride BMX at Barnes and Noble the other day. It is much better than it used to be and I also realized something. There are no instant comments to a magazine. Sure there are reader letter's but there isn't a button enticing you to say some bullshit that doesn't even make sense, similar to this blog. In fewer words, print is way better than the internerd.

Also there is a butter video on the Lotek site from Colombia. Place seems so rad, so many good wallrides. You can also see a shirt I did for the fall line over there too.

And finally I rode with some homies from Maul's Bike Shop today. Always a good time, gonna miss having Maul's as a go to spot for any part you would ever need. When I first went there when I was in 7th grade I was floored. Here's a photo from an interview with John Maul in Issue 1.

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Dick Maul's Bike Shop said...

Hey Nick, thanks for the good words and happy trails... keep me updated on your journey!