GT Dead Sailor

I've been working on some projects unrelated to Holeshot and these projects have led me to the local thrift stores. Today I found a copy of GT's Dead Sailor and I had to pull the trigger. I've never actually seen it and I'm probably going to track down a VCR at the public library to view it considering I don't have a TV right now. So I figured I'd throw a little contest to get rid of it once I view it. Send your best dead sailor pictures to ferreira.nick@gmail.com and the best one wins a free copy of Issue 4, the video, plus a bunch of random shit and stickers I have laying around! It's not much but fuck it, it will be fun for sure! The winning photo will be announced to the public in Issue 4 next to the photo. So get creative with it or don't but don't forget to send in that picture of your friend bowlegging the rollers or going OTB on the curb. The dead line is 3 weeks from now on November 24th. get sick!

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