Exclusivity is for the birds. While I'm not complaining, when the web is a part time job for you, you become pretty tired with it. Hell, before it was a part time job, I was tired of it. The buzzwords and SEO bullshit can make your head spin, but if there is one word that drives me absolutely crazy, it's "exclusive". The word itself wreaks of snobbery, which, in the world of Holeshot, is comparable to committing a mortal sin. I know people make their livings off these things called websites (and some have no say in the matter), but when did making a living off something equal unprecedented pretentiousness?

Sooner than later, you may notice more content from the Holeshot online world. Don't worry though, the zine isn't going anywhere. It's just going to be more nonsense to keep you going until each issue. Expect only good things to come, and if you find the word Exclusive on here describing anything, you'll know Holeshot has officially jumped the shark.

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