5 Blogging Cliches.*

1. Death from Detroit. When I scoured the internet all day I saw a bout 4,000 blogs linking this.
2. "I know this has been on the web for awhile but..."
3. Photo Blogs.
4. The print vs. internet argument.
5. Blogging at all. At this point isn't blogging a cliche?

*All of which I am guilty of.

And while we are on the subject of blogging, I might as well just go all in with it. Ted has a great photo of the dude himself Troy McMurray up here and some spy shots of the new Life? prototype sprockets here. DIY or Die.


brian said...

every time i think about starting a blog i'm like 'fuck it.' i'm going to do a zine again. don't care if anyone ever reads it.

Fat Tony said...

You forgot...
"Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been real busy..."

Mike said...

Fuck. At first all I was going to put was "fuck", but then I realized I'm a blogger and I had to write more bullshit to entice my readers.

james w said...

hahahahaha. i'm so tired of seeing a blog and being totally stoked on it, then realise that the dude hasn't posted on it for months.

blogs are totally passe now though, the cool kids have left and headed off to twitter.

(i'm kinda glad they left.)