Ford Transit Connect

The other night I rubber necked so hard when I saw this gem of a machine for sale. It could be awful but it seems like a good look considering it's a Ford and everyone works on them. It's not like I'll be stuck in Kingman Arizona looking for a VW mechanic at 2AM.

I probably won't buy it anyway, I mean I barely have enough to afford a Fiesta or some shit. It just looks pretty awesome. My first car was a Voyager Minivan complete with wood paneling so I think that's where the obsession comes from. I was psyched on it then but not nearly as psyched as I should have been, the thing was awesome. When it finally stopped passing inspection my freshman year of college, I have to admit I was a little upset. I don't even have any photos either.RIP.


Sasquatch Canyon said...

legit wagons!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Kingman, AZ. Driving through that place was one of the worst things about our trip.

Anonymous said...

you should get a buick roadmaster wagon