Holeshot In '87

I hate nostalgia, especially when it isn't really warranted. With that said, everything in that video still looks sweet to me and I was 2 when that came out. Quarterpipes are the best ramp and that video shows you why. Bl'ast that shit.

If you've been patiently waiting for issue 6 you'll have to wait a little longer but not too long as I have some good changes coming soon that will free up some time. If you're into Holeshot I think you'll like the main interview that is going to be in it. Even if you're not into Holeshot you should still like it.

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Flag Fence Ride
All Hail Flag. Or Wilbur Barrick. I guess that was his real name.
Oh and congratulations to Jim & Pam!


shad said...

Just rode with Flag yesterday!

Nick Ferreira said...

where does he live now?

schralp said...

Outside of Portland in Welches,He is an archeologist .