Skater Island

Nick Ferreira; Skater Island; Middletown, R.I.; 2001?

There was this local at the Island that everyone called Kid Rock. You could write a book about this dude and not even scratch the surface, but I'll say this: He had a cobra tattooed on the side of his shaved head. Anyway, I was riding with him one night and somebody did a peg grind in the bowl. He turned to me and said, pegs hit the coping, like swords claashing.

That's pretty much what's going on here. Holeshot prez slashing the jersey barrier at the late Skater Island skatepark. So good.



Joe_Siharath said...

hell yeah, miss that place. Last time I went there was with Ryan Worcester and Jeff Allen in his Astro Van in like 1999 or 2000.

Vinny Martin said...

i remember "kid rock" he was a fall river local that said you should get an idea of that dude was like one time he tried to transfer from the spine to the mini at impact and ate it hard im also pretty sure he rode a nyquist backtrail x3 way longer than anyone should have

Bernard said...

AKA "Island Joe"