Animal Bikes

I touched upon this in the little Q&A that Briz did with me, but I figured I would elaborate a bit here. Animal is one of the biggest parts company in BMX. There's no doubt about it. They make sick stuff and have a dialed team to back everything up. Kids love it and that's awesome. What's also awesome is that they run ads in Holeshot when they clearly don't have to. The print run is low, the quality (not this issue though) isn't that great, and they still do it. I'm not really sure why they do it either (I'm thinking they like making not so sleek looking ads on their printer with stickers and Sharpies over them) but I do appreciate it a ton. So to everyone at Animal, thanks for the extra cash to help this issue get printed. The above photo is their ad in issue 6 which is still available here. And Ryan Navazio made a sick video of the warehouse. Check it below.

Animal Warehouse Session 10-17-2009 from Ryan Navazio on Vimeo.

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petey henkel said...

hell yeah! animal is sick and its rad they like to support the small things that keep bmx awesome.. and thanks again for the zine the other night dude i read it from cover to cover and it was sick deff want to try out that hashbrown burrito soon haha il send you a picture of the holeshot sticker on my car soon too!