I sort of hate cycling. I mean, I love riding bikes but I just hate super serious cyclists, like "One Less Car" type cyclists. I also hate the word "cycling". But regardless riding all kinds of bikes is extremely fun and I've been looking at the map of Rhode Island's bikepath's anxiously awaiting temps above 40 (because I'm not a serious cyclist). I've also been looking into running some Cyclocross jams because riding on trails fast and carrying your bike on your shoulder somehow seems interesting to me.

I was also just informed that there is a new BMX track in West Greenwich. Maybe Holeshot will start covering racing.

Or maybe I'll just hit it on my way to Groton. I'm hoping for some Bernard Posner Saturday morning Groton sessions. Photo by Matteson.

Bernard Posner


Ryan C./Ice Cold Zine said...

I fully support any of the above. If you want some cyclocross pics from last season I'll send some your way! I was just a spectator, but the cross-folks know how to do it: heckling, beer, heckling some more, $1 grabs, beer for riders, and more heckling.

Anonymous said...

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