The New Dig (Issue 74)

The other day I excitedly picked up the new Dig. Part of my excitement was because Will had informed me that a piece I had written made it in and the other part was because I love the photo issue. For the most part, Issue 74 is great. The cover is funny and although it's the stock they've been printing on, it feels like a matte photo paper. Dolecki has some normal articles (the normality is a good thing) and Ricky Adam's rooftop portfolio is unreal. Devin Feil from PegLeg also wrote a great Ballbag. Unfortunately something that has been happening in BMX for a long time really bugged me about it. It's not Dig's fault and I'm not really sure whose fault it is but here goes.

The pretense in BMX Photography is at an all-time high. One of the questions for the Emerging Photographers was "Is BMX Photography Art?". And while I'm not one to put a rule on something that doesn't need a rule, I have to intervene here and say "No". Look, I know you're writing with light but let's face it, your shooting photos of kids riding bikes on half pikes. It's not that I don't appreciate the fact you're basically carrying small children on your back or how long it takes to mathematically light the situation, it's just that I don't care. Everyone knows that shooting BMX photos is a lot of work and not lucrative but it doesn't give you reason to mention it at any given chance. Are you looking for an "Attaboy"?

Let's take the seriousness in the BMX lifestyle down a few notches. Less self-importance and less National Geographic magazine sessions. Or less "culture". Who knows? Sometimes I think a sitdown with our grandparents would be good for this generation. And that's coming from someone who doesn't really respect their elders. If you want to read more commentary on BMX photography, there's a small article I wrote in the new Dig titled, "The Poor Man's Photography Guide". Please don't let the above comments stop you from picking it up, for they are commentary on BMX Photography in general and not Dig. It really is a great issue and worth the dough. And speaking of photography, I love the above photo, found on Dig's Daily Photo.


JP said...

dead on.

how to have fun said...

wow, and i thought the article on bmx jesus from issue 73 was bad...