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The House of Steam seems to archive some great older (and newer) skate stuff. A lot of it seems to be from Jersey too. This video is pretty awesome though, it reminds me of this ramp that was in Taunton at this guy's house. Looking back, I can't believe I don't have photos from it but basically it was an 8-10 foot tall vert ramp complete with roll-ins and duct tape covering the weathered holes. He also had jumps out back, all tabletops, with pot plants growing out of the sides of them. You used to have to dodge these huge dogs riding to his house. Randomly, this guy my dad worked with, Billy Denson, used to ride there too, although I never saw him there. On the side he gave tattoos and gave my dad and some of his friends tattoos at my house when I was probably 13 or so. One time, me, Mike Ellis, my Dad, and Billy Denson, went to Impact and he did some of the best dogpiss airs wearing steel-toe construction boots on an all chrome Lenghty. In fact, his bike graced the cover of Issue 2.
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Sasquatch Canyon said...

RUFIO,RUFIO! Lets hear it for backyard renegade paradises!

Dick Maul's Bike Shop said...

Bill Denson is the man!

Anonymous said...


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