Ryan Lay, Non-Spots, Tee Shirts, and Jon Ivers!

Ryan Lay from Rasa Libre on Vimeo.

While I am not entirely sure what the "essence of freedom" is, I am sure that Ryan Lay skateboarding at this school is pure butta balls. I love one spot videos. Actually I just really like spots. Check out this post I did about non-spots over on The Least Most.
On the subject of Tee-Shirts, I think I might get some more made. I was thinking of resurrecting the pocket-tee in black with maybe some weird rainbow-roll, a la a Mr Zog's Sex Wax shirt. I also want to run the shirt that was supposed to be the issue one Tee. Hopefully these will all be available with issue 7 which is in the works now.

Solid Bikes: John Ivers from Chris McMahon | SJBMX on Vimeo.


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