We're gonna keep this thing going at least for three more issues. Feel free to throw in a subscription order over at the store. You even get a free koozie (US only, sorry shipping sucks). Please indicate which issue you would like to begin with, either 6 or 7. And just so you know, if you subscribed before, it's time to renew. Also, once issue 7 is out, there will be no more subscriptions, in case this thing folds or we get sick of doing it. I don't wanna run off with your $$$ or anything. So do what you can and get the next three issues of Holeshot delivered to your door for only 10 bucks (16 international)!

And Holeshot does have a designated Facebook page now. Become a fan here. It's almost like Holeshot having twitter or whatever. Thanks!


cubby said...

hell ya

Caleb said...

AWESOME! I got issue 6 the other day at Goods. I'm into what you guys are doing, so I'll definitely subscribe when I get home.

Also, John Ivers rippin Bordertown! wow.