10 Parts I Still Want.

01. Layback Primo Rod
02. TNT Revolver Hubs
03. All Gum Tioga Comp III
04. GT Mohawk Hubs
05. Kashimax Seat
06. Standard 125 with 990 mounts
07. Powerlite Sprocket
08. GT Overdrive Sprocket
09. Powerlite Powerbend Handlebars
10. ?


Sasquatch Canyon said...

red profile race cranks, a reynolds racing frame, gt drop nose, jive handles "grip" valve covers

Mike said...

Elf "Blast" bars, 6in.

how to have fun said...

Boss bars

tony seebring said...

nothing from atom lab????? dubya tee f!

cubby said...

Standard Bash Forks with peg bosses and Kink I-beam, and Haro nuke sprocket

AL said...

primo moe bars... i still got my GT mohawk hub...hell yea!!!

brien said...

Brand X Stem
DK General Lee

brian said...

dk race frame, base camo pad set

Sasquatch Canyon said...

blue falcon frame