2002 Probably 2003

A classic photo of Ryan Homer from the days when Holeshot was an even shittier zine, Communication?, and I probably had even less to worry about. There's so many things I love about this photo. The cigarette hangin out of Ryan's mouth, my old Marc Johnson Emerica's he has on, the fact that we scoped this thing out so hard and finally got to ride it while it was actually drained.
We either got to this spot in my wood paneled minivan listening to a boombox or in Ryan's white Chevy Blazer with plush seat covers listening to Pink Floyd or some shit. Regardless, we got to it. I probably went home and made a Tina's Burrito and drank a bunch of Coke while playing THPS2. Maybe I watched the first Animal video only to have to get up to go to school the next day.

Animal - George Dosantos from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

I scanned some old slides the other day for issue 7, sorry for reminiscing.


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One of my favorite videos and one of my favorite video parts.