Life On The Edge

I've never seen this on an actual TV but it's pretty awesome, obviously besides the Primus. The second part, the NYC section, is real sick. This flick reminds of why I'm tired of videos lately. From the over-hyping to the one-upping, I miss the days of just videos documenting what went on at the certain time. If it turned out to be legendary, fine, and if it turned out to just be what it was, also fine. Because of that my love affair with local videos will never die. I received a copy of a Memphis BMX video entitled "Straight Up Ghetto" the other day and it was awesome. ECD IV meets the South. Freestyle it. 540's on 10 foot tall quarterpipes that are on Dirt with more Rage Against The Machine than I'll probably ever want to hear again.

EDIT: I guess more videos like this is probably gonna be:

90 East promo from Least Most on Vimeo.


schralp said...

I have that vid!The best part is when they session Tony Hillhouse's backyard vert ramp!That shit is real!
By the way Tony Hillhouse killed it and held it down for Nebraska!!!

Anonymous said...

you're stupid if you don't like Primus