Done and Ready!

I am psyched. Buy here. If you need to get in touch because you don't have paypal shoot me an email at ferreira[dot]nick[at]gmail[dot]com. All subscriptions and pre-orders will go out over the next few days. Thanks for supporting Holeshot. Issue 7 contents are:

HYL Zine by Steven DaSilva
5 Word Reviews
Hangn Brain with Matt Gaspar
Zac Costa & Reptiles
AM:PM / Photographs by Edwin DeLaRosa
South of the Border
Will Bissell
Goonz / Fall River
Special Learn How To Have Fun Print edition
plus random photos, stories, etc. from myself as well as contributors like Kyle Emery-Peck, Ted Van Orman, Sean Ryan, Paulo Martins, Jackson Allen, and Jon Wilson!