While looking up images for my weekly Least Most post, (peep it here) I found some great photos of Ratboy and they came from the blog devoted to Skunk Bros. It seems to be updated here and there but it's best to just click around and check out some of the older photos like the one above. That's a masterpiece in my book, up there with anything from the "best" photographers in BMX.

The first real BMX zine I ever thumbed through was a Skunk Zine. It blew my mind. Here's what I had to say about it in issue 2 of Holeshot:

This zine absolutely blew my mind when I got it. It was done by an Arizona to Austin, TX transplant who was totally part of the Sombra Crew (Ells Bells, Gonz, Ratboy etc.) and the content ranged from a raw photo of a guy doing a kickout to stories of living in Tempe Arizona and drinking Mickey's 40 oz. to Beer Reviews, to Food Reviews. Basically all pretty enlightening stuff for a 14 year-old from the suburbs.
The way I got it was pretty rad too. I saw a letter that he had written to Dig (Issue 7 i think) kind of advertising the zine. I wrote the dude a letter telling him I was psyched on it and would send him a copy of the "zine" I was working on when I was done. He sent me a zine and I never finished my "zine" and still feel bad to the day about rooking the dude out of a couple bucks.

Go check out Skunk Bros here.

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Tom said...

What happened to ratboy?