This is pretty cool if you've got 13 minutes. And while I do think it's a little weird that there was a skatevideo discussion at MOMA, it's pretty sweet. The more low brow and down to earth we can make art museums, the better it is. On the same note the more sophisticated and cool skateboarding gets, the worse it is. I guess like anything, it's about finding a happy medium. Regardless, Tobin Yelland's thoughts on Anti-Hero videos are great. I think all skate and BMX videos should be like that. Kind of like the 90East flick is. Just documenting what was going on at a certain time. And while it is by no means a fully encompassing local video, it definitely has a great vibe with tons of local dudes in it. Grab it, watch it, and be mesmerzied by the Abdul follow line at night. It's so fast and filmed in front of him!


prashant said...

this plug and watching Lino's part/the 90 East section in Cuts convinced me to order it

Nick Ferreira said...

you read that Lino. Put me on your sales staff!

melissa said...

that moma thing was dope