How I'm Spending my Summer Vacation

1. Bike Rides

Simple yet effective form of fun. BMX and late 90's MTB.
2. Riding Cool Shit
Get Some.
Ditches, Banks, Cool looking shitty quarterpipes; whatever. You can find me staying away from the indoor parks this summer.
3. Trying to Get This Thing Running.
I know next to nothing about getting anything mechanical running but a 1980 Puch Moped seems innocent enough.

4. ReReading This Book and Probably Some Others.

It's a good compilation of writings from zines compiled by The Fact Sheet Five. There's obviously some nerdy/wack stuff in it but it's cool and has a great article on Dishwasher Pete and Bozo Texino which sort of brings me to my next summer activity.

5.Getting In The Van.

In a few days Holeshot will be leaving a trail of dust behind us in New England as we embark on the New England Gypsy Tour. I'm honored to be involved and as well as having a tight crew (Brian Nguyen, Kyle Emery-Peck, Jake Honesto, Brian McDonough, Myself and Maybe Ivers?) we'll be visiting all sorts of Holeshot cohorts and shredding the shittiest spots in our party van! And to tie in that Dishwasher Pete thing, check out Podcast #102 of This American Life where they chronicle the highly romanticized American roadtrip.

6. Swimming
Andrew Burton, Wellfleet Massachusetts

7. Issue 8
Normally I don't condone working on things during the summer but I gotta get issue 8 going and I think it's going to be travel themed. If you have any off the normal bmx travel stories to contribute, give me a shout and we'll see if we can fit it in. This issue will also include another goody to be revealed at a later time.

That's it, but I'm not trying to stress myself out or anything. What are you up to? Beach, bombing walls, surfing naked?


Prashant Gopal said...

I just finished reading the Dishwasher book
a little different than I thought it would be (more about his zine, and less a manifesto of his time), but I enjoyed it

Mike said...

Bozo Texino!

brian said...


Anonymous said...

is there a bmx scene in montreal?

Anonymous said...

is there a bmx scene in montreal?

demps said...

surfing naked.

Anonymous said...

I love BMX & MTB's. What's the difference between late 90's mountain bikes and the rest of the mountain bikes?

Ryan C./Ice Cold Zine said...

That Puch is beyond sick. Get gnarly on it! Great stuff as always!!!