In 1997 I made the worst zine. I doubt you could even call it a zine, it was pretty pathetic- and looking back, embarrassing- but to be fair, I was 13 and from Taunton Massachusetts, not the "city", and it was pre-internet. Luckily, I had good taste in photos to rip off. That photo of Nyquist in Columbus is still sick. Here are two pages, which may have been how long it was I can't remember.

The other day at the Hyde park OS Jam I ran into Frankie Benevides. Frankie ran Sound MFG. Sound was sick and I was always so psyched that local people made things, and cool looking clothes at that. Plus he made a sweet Black Flag rip-off shirt. Actually Sound is up there with some of the things that have been hugely inspiring. He gave me a bunch of OG stickers the other day and I couldn't be more hyped! Thanks Frankie!


Rick Mac said...

The SOUNDMFG website had theeeee coolest animated dude jumping over a chair. Still awesome...frank, re-post that thing somehow!

Anonymous said...

Columbus OHIO!!!!! YEAH!!!!