Issue 9 Fundraiser

Today I launched a Kickstarter to help cover some of the costs necessary to produce the final issue of Holeshot.  To keep our approach fresh, Issue 9 will be a box set of zines and materials produced by Holeshot's main contributors and friends. Since its beginning, Holeshot has generally taken the form of a normal 5.5"x8.5" zine format. To celebrate the end of the zine though, Issue 9 will be a box set of zines and materials from Holeshot's contributors and friends. Included in each box set will be a multitude of zines, photographs, DVD-R, and BMX ephemera. Our working edition is 250. The end result will be a box that resembles a book that can be shelved.  Our contribtutors and their prospective projects are:

Andrew Burton Hyde Pride Zine - Interviews, photos, and more relating the to great skatepark located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.
Chester Jones - Blazeguard
Kyle Emery-Peck - set of 10 color and black and white 4x6 photographs
Jake Honesto - Bears
Matt Gaspar - Hangn Brain 2 - Holeshot's funniest contributor. Responsible for the famed Hank Hill bikecheck, Beetlejuice Trail Digger drawing, Evolution of Osiris D3's article.
Vinny Martin - North Park
Nick Ferreira - TBD
and more to be disclosed

There will be no advertising in Issue 9. Instead we are hoping that our readers and prospective advertisers can help us reach a modest goal of $500 to cover some of printing, packaging, and shipping costs. If you have already subscribed, this issue will be sent to you free of charge. Do not feel obligated to donate, unless of course the spirit moves you. All backers will receive a gift. You can see all of those details at the Kickstarter page here. Please feel free to blog, forward, and spread the word as you see fit. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask!

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