Martha's Vineyard

Went to MV this weekend, it ruled and we only got caught in the rain for a little bit. I only shot film because I'm a luddite so I don't have any photos. Wait a couple days and I'll have some negs scanned. In the meantime I have been riding that dirt quarterpipe/flyout a ton lately. It rules. This Saturday is Circuit's opening. Go Here for more details. I have some photos in it along with heavy hitters such as Walter Pierenger and Jeff Allen. Weird. I'll have some sort of a flyer and some copies of issue 2 that night but find me early or else you'll have to track me down at the China Inn.
Oh yeah I won that Lotek tee shirt contest and get a free pair of sneaks and some shirts soon.
Also you should go to Webster's 4/20 jam. Should be a good time.

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demps said...

dude I want to ride that dirt quarter. Does Webster have a ramp or something? Call me up, I'll go.