4/20 Jam Contact Dan Webster.

Also I'm going to Martha's Vineyard next weekend camping if you want in let me know.

New Flyer/minizine will be done for Vic's Party on the 19th. Photos, bands, brews. Be there.

Issue 3 is in the works and is open for submissions. Get into it. This one is going to be pretty thick and might come with something else. Stay tuned for the lineup of material.

Supposed to be nice this week see you when I get out of work at Hyde Park or somewhere.


Anonymous said...

any guidelines for submissions?

nick said...

Not really man, just send it over I'm sure I'll be into it. Only guideline would be no pages already layed out just photos txt and drawings seperately.

Anonymous said...

nick where the fuck is hyde park is it near kennedy plaza?

nick said...

Hyde Park is in Hyde Park, MA right off Hyde Park Ave. Google Hyde Park Ave and its right near the train tracks