L.A. Street Jam

I just got set-up in L.A. and have been applying for jobs and moving in and all that boring shit, but Saturday I took some time off and headed downtown to Wilshire and hooked up with a hefty crew of people I have never met and cruised around. It was a good time for sure and I met some cool people. Some kids were too cool to roll with everyone but that all changed when everyone was sessioning a more jam appropriate spot at the Crenshaw bank. Some kids went buck on that shit including bump jumping a parking curb to over a fence to 10 foot drop. Shit was wild. I have a bunch of photos I took but I'm saving them for the zine.
Also if you linked here from Lotek, you noticed that there was a link for Holeshot on there. Thanks to Rich for the support.
Mike Aitken went down hard. Get better soon from Holeshot, def a bummer.

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