Santa Monica

Today I went to the Santa Monica skatepark. It was definitely sick but somehow I seem to miss the shitty parks we have at home in the New England area. Probably because I can't do this. But anyway it was fun and I hit the beach after so that's alwys nice. I also saw Wentzle Ruml there of Dogtown and Zephyr fame and for saying "I ain't shittin ya almost happened to me once".
Starting with Issue Four Holeshot is going to offer three issue subscriptions which can be purchased through paypal in the store for 10 bucks U.S. and 16 outside of the U.S. Also on the main page is a spot for advertising. It's ridiculously cheap, so if you got an extra 15 bucks laying around you got youself a 1/4 page ad! Issue 4 will hopefully be done before the winter.


ECZangief said...


Dude is the Shit.


nick said...

Hahaha Yeah rich If there was anything to get to you to comment I'm glad it was the wentzle ruml reference.