Access to Tools

The Whole Earth Catalog is an awesome piece of publishing. Compiling information and places where reader's can call or contact may seem outdated now with the advent of the internet but in 1968 it must have been a godsend. Imagine needing to know how to build an alternative living space or advice on nomadic living in the late 60's before "Green Living" was chic? I can't imagine it was easy. I highly recommend checking some incarnation of the catalog out. Most libraries have The Whole Earth Catalog in their collections but if you're on the web and want to browse around, much of their editions are available online. I suggest hitting your public library though, for full effect.


Sasquatch Canyon said...

still have a bunch of whole earth catalogs I found in my parents stash spots. They are awesome. Mike, Jordan and I are looking to buy a trail spot and put up some yurts and I wish there was still such a cool resource for our eventual back to the land mission

Nick Ferreira said...

we are brothers.