art history lesson : TRIPtych

Triptych: A painting or carving that has three side-by-side parts, panels, or canvases. Typically, a triptych has three hinged panels, the two outer panels designed so that they can be folded in towards the central one.

the above is TRIPtych of this mid trail session scene starring Nasty Nate multi tasking between runs.

yes that IS a star. Yes he pulled it. and Yes after he was also able to make a confederate flag (to be more politically correct we'll call it the flag of Jamaica, given their shared design.)



dfs said...


.michael.philip.okiver.mcneill. said...

man, you must be high, thats the dang eiffel tower.

32many said...

This is HIGH-sterical!!!!!!

Wait...is that my backyard??? :)