In 2004 I was supposed to move to California. I was tagging along with my travel bud/ skiing phenomenon Ian Stillman. When we got to Lake Tahoe we opted out. Not sure why. Ian said it reminded him of Wareham, MA when there was no snow. We drove around for a month in his Nissan Altima then I went back to Taunton and didn't do much until January, 3 months later. College was on hold for a bit and I think I just worked part time. I drove around in my Chevy Caprice Wagon listening to Jamn' 94.5 going from spot to spot with Jigga Matt, which meant I listened to the song below a lot. It was actually awesome and I even learned new tricks, namely one footed tiregrabs. If you are a loyal Holeshot reader, you might remember Matt's infamous video reviews. He's the best. Jiggaman, THAT'S WASSSSUP!


how to have fun said...

hahaha gettin jiggy up in my living room right there

Anonymous said...

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