Prevent This Tragedy

Seen on Craigslist.org

"i have a complet fbm master blaster 20.75 top tube. im looking to trade for a set of 2 12" subs no cheap stuff this bike is worth alot. if interested you can TEXT only 4016996021 i will let you know the complete parts list. let me know what you have and ill let you now if i will trade."

Original Craigslist posting here.


T.I. said...

When my girl ride with me, gotta cover my seat
Cuz that thang go to skeetin, and when I cut up my beat
Pumpin something Grand Hustle in a 96 bubble
Even amplify my tweeters so my music aint muffled
Your ass in trouble if u pull up next to me
When its really up high you cant hear yourself think
Cause my speaker box the biggest trunk sound like a midget
Tryna get up out of there 15's stay hittin

.michael.philip.okiver.mcneill. said...

the fuck is a "complet"?