There are no luggage racks on hearses, no pockets in shrouds

Rob Dolecki asked Lino Gonzalez about his DIY venture, 90East, and it's pretty inspiring. In these days where the $$$ of the real world seems to be infiltrating BMX, it's easy to forget that labors of love are still cool.
In other news Issue 6 is getting printed and if I do say so myself, looks pretty sweet. It will be available for sale next week and if you still have that subscription you bought way back when last October, it'll go out late next week as well. Should I continue to offer subscriptions?
If you're still looking for more inspiration on these cold days, take a few minutes and read about Jack Gartside.

Soundtrack to Issue 6 in YouTube videos:


Anonymous said...

hp lovecraft rules

Anonymous said...

stoked on the Geoff Farina inclusion!

Prashant said...

are you still in LA, or back East? What address should I send Yo Sick 4 to?