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Hall of Fame 2010

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This page is dedicated to getting Rick Moliterno nominated for consideration to be elected into the BMX Hall of Fame, the first to be considered as a top BMX racer and innovative Freestyle rider and as an innovator in the industry. read the info below and come to the page, "Join" or "Like" this and please send to all your friends.


Competitive Career, Rampage
Originally from BlueGrass, Iowa, Rick's long history in BMX can be dated back to 1985 being ranked as American Bicycle Association (ABA) National #11 Pro and 2 short years later winning the American Freestyle Association (AFA) Pro Overall (flatland and ramps) title, making Rick the first competitor in BMX and Freestyle to win national pro races and pro freestyle competitions. In 1990, Rick made the A Pro Main event at the ABA National in Rockford, Illinois and won the Pro dirt jumping contest between his motos, along with his win at the Trend Bike Source Pro Street Contest earlier that summer and with finishing in the top 5 at the King of Vert Miniramp contest in Indianapolis, he completed an all around feat of top pro competitive finishes that will never be duplicated again in BMX or Freestyle and is virtually incomparable in any other sport.

As an innovator in freestyle, Rick's flatland riding style would leave a definitive mark in the flatland world with the tricks he invented and perfected and the fast and aggressive way he approached each and every contest and show. From 1985-1988, Rick won every year end title for flatland competitions, one year going undefeated.

The transition from rider to industry innovator, and then to riding legend was cemented for Rick in 1989 when he purchased a small indoor skatepark in Moline Illinois called Rampage. Rick would remain the sole owner and operator of the legendary park until 2003 and his time on and off his bike during the Rampage era paved the way and defined the riding and business model that competitive riders follow to this day as private park owners.

During this time as a rider, Rick re-invented himself and the sport with a style of riding that was un-matched in a skatepark or on a miniramp. He invented a whole genre of tricks that had never been done on a bike or a ramp before, and some not since. Through the bootleg videos of his private riding sessions and with virtually no media coverage, and no with no competitive interest, Rick was able to created a haven for the up and coming riders from all over the world to train and push the limits of the sport into the "modern era" of freestyle you see today at the X-Games and on the Dew Tour.

Additionally, during the down time in the industry, especially for the competitive rider, Rick's Park, Rampage, would be home to the longest running contest series in the history of freestyle, the Kong of the Skateparks series lasted over 12 years and saw some of the top names in the sport today (riding and industry) compete as armatures and professionals.

As a life long resident of Davenport Iowa, Rick is still actively involved in the industry with Standard Byke Company, designing, testing and manufacturing one of the highest quality BMX and freestyle frames on the market today, Made in the USA of course. Rick's contributions to the ground braking contributions have helped progress production into a new era for BMX and ensure that quality products are the norm rather than the exception today in the industry. he is also active in the BMX racing world, sponsoring a national race team through his skate and bmx shop Goodtimes Superstore and is the 2010 Illinois State Commissioner for the National Bicycle League (NBL) and was influential in shaping the direction of the new Davenport Iowa public skatepark. In addition to all of this, most of Rick's days begin at the skatepark doing what he has always done, pushing himself, his riding, and those around him to improve their riding, themselves, and their surroundings.

Information is listed below how you can help get this done and get Rick on the ballot for 2010, please read the ABA guidelines and submit your own application, send them additional emails and flood their inbox with your own letters, memories, and experiences knowing or watching Rick over the years.

Thanks for all your support,

- Elect Rick Moliterno Committee

The BMX Hall of Fame is accepting new nominations in each category that will be considered for the class of 2010. All new nominations that are accepted will be added to the list of nominees from last year’s ballot. Individuals that were on last year’s ballot may submit a new nomination application for the purpose of updating or enhancing their bio information.

All new nominations must be submitted on a BMX Hall of Fame Nomination Application.

The Nomination Applications can be found at the following link: http://www.ababmx.com/pdf/hof_nomination.pdf

Please return your completed Nomination Application and any other supporting documentation by mail, fax, or e-mail.

American Bicycle Association
Attn: BMX HOF Nominations
P.O. Box 718, Chandler, AZ, 85244

Fax: (480) 961-1842

E-mail: BMXHOF@ababmx.com

Applications must be completed and returned by June 15th to the considered for the 2010 nominations.

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