$$$$$$$$$ ICE $$$$$$$ MONEY$$$$$$$$$

When speaking about the "BMX Hall" of fame ( possibly incarnated by someone who knows how to tell CW bars from their nock offs made 25 years ago, just by the knurling patterns) why hasn't the name Ice Money come about. Though his background is a little clouded and possibly changes from each different Vans Triple Crown event or CFB contest, he is undoubtedly one of the worlds finest Bmxers. here are some selected images that further advance my position on his upcoming nomination.

Above Ice Money preforms a trick I've never seen in the magazines, thus showing him progressing the sport under the radar!

Above, Ice money hanging out with some brunette goth, probably the singer of a very popular Nordic Metal band

left, Ice Money chillin wit a blonde girl, probably a playmate or some shit.

below, Ice Money chilling with some guy and a hawt Asian, the guy probably makes motorcycles, she probably host action sports television, both are Ice Money's friends.

above, Ice Money's popular clothing/lifestyle brand PIMPIT.com being displayed by a bartender, probaly one of the girls from the real Cowboy Ugly.

nuff said!



Brian said...

no hander feeble is the best grind trick ever

Anonymous said...

that dude who "probably makes motorcycles" and the chick standing next to him are lead singer of the harcore band "bio hazzard" Evan Sienfield and his wife (tara patrick) who is one of the most popular porn stars/ directors of all time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know all about that but Ice Money or as I know him Greg Hunt is a cool dude. Nice to who ever. I grew up with him road bmx and had a lot of fun on his table top he had in his back yard. He's a good friend and. I see first hand just how skilled he is. Keep up the good work Greg your friend Lew from Pemberton NJ.